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MyFPC is powered by Realm, a secure, web-based information hub that helps us accomplish many things and is oh so user-friendly. It is our online church directory and a communication & connection tool for all groups engaging together in life and our shared mission here at FPC.

We are confident that you will find this easy to use and navigate. Should you need assistance, look for the ? button for help within the system. Or call the church office and we'll walk you through it. 

We are happy to send you an invitation to activate your account and to create your password, so that you can begin using all the features. Contact our office and we will send you an invitation email. 

Follow the link in your email to create your password. It works better on a tablet or computer for your initial login. Password guidelines will pop up as you start to type. The system will send you an email to verify your birth date. You may also have to verify in a couple of different ways that you are a human and not a robot. Then you're in!  (If you share an email with your spouse, you need to know that the system connects that email to the head of household, the husband. Responding to the link will activate the head of household via that link & it will want to verify by that birthday. Each of you will need your own primary email address for your profile.)

Once you’ve logged in, we suggest you do the following with your own profile:

  1. Upload a photo of yourself and perhaps a family photo as well.
  2. Click on the icon with your name and an arrow which will give you access to edit your info and manage your account and settings (privacy & notifications). 
  3. Set your personal privacy and notification settings. The default privacy setting has your profile information visible only to people within your specific ministry groups. This means only those in your small groups can see your photo and access your contact information in the online directory.
  4. We encouage you to customize your privacy and notification settings to increase your visibility in our online church directory. We hope you will opt in to our directory by changing your settings to "Everyone" which allows all MyFPC account users to see you in the online directory. Of course, you are welcome to increase or decrease your visibility to your personal preferences. 

Enjoy exploring the features. Use the menu box on the left to navigate to the Community where you'll find 

  • News: A newsfeed for your all of your groups where you can Post News, Share Photos & RSVP to Events.
  • Messages: Start conversations with other people in the church individually or in a group.
  • Events: See what events or meetings are coming up or register for special events such as retreats, mission trips, camp and all church or smaller group gatherings.
  • Groups: Stay connected with your Community Group as well as other ministry, service or fellowship groups with which you've been engaged, or search for new groups.
  • Giving: Give online and see your giving history here.
  • Directory: Search online for contact information of FPC attendees.

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Can't find someone in the directory? They: 

  • May not have activated their MyFPC account. (Urge them to contact the church office to start today!) or
  • May have not changed their privacy settings to "Everyone" and have the default setting of "Staff, Group Leaders & Groups" only. (Encourage them to manage their settings.) or 
  • May have chosen to share their information only within their small groups, and not to "Everyone" on MyFPC.

Once you've created your password, you can access MyFPC from your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Just go to and sign in with your email and password. Bookmark or save it on your device for easy access later.

The Mobile App is Now Available for iPhone & Android: 

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If you have activated your account you can download and begin using the free Realm Connect App today. With it you can connect with and share what’s going on at your church anytime. Contact your small groups, coordinate group activities, RSVP to church events and meetings, manage your giving, update your information, and more.

It's available from Google Play or Apple's App Store. When you first open the app, go directly to the Sign In option using your existing email & password. If you select the "create an account" option you will find yourself needing an invite the code, please call our office to get code. If you have a MyFPC account for your computer or tablet, you do not need to create one for your phone app. You are all set!