REBUILDING TOGETHER | WITH TRUTH | Modern Service | 05.22.2022
MOTHERS DAYS | Protecting What has Been Built | Classic Service | 05.08.2022
Ash Wednesday
21 Days of Prayer & Fast
HomeLESS for The Holidays
To Be HIs People
God's Kingdom: Our Mission
God Is: Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent
Blessed Assurance Part 2: When Believers Don't Obey
Follow the Lamb: An Unusual Ending... Or Beginning
Blessed Assurance: Instructions for peace
Advent Conspiracy: Just a Single Encounter (12/27/20)
Life in the End Times: Standing Watch (11/22/20)
Back to School: Discipleship 101 (10/25/20)
Dangerous Prayers: Send Me
Be With Me: In Hope
Up In Out: Out
Shaped by the Cross: A Heart for God's Mission
Don't Follow the Crowd: Confusion vs Confession
The Cost of Discipleship
Let Earth Receive Her King: The Servant of Justice
Crazy Talk: Seed Matters
Losing My Religion: For Restoration
Introducing Jesus: His Priority
The Gospel According to Ruth:  There Is a Redeemer
The Flawed and The Flawless: A Terrible Ending
Engage: In Making Disciples
The Healer Has Come : For The Nations
Rest : The Lord Is Shepherd
Teach Me Your Word: A Study of Psalm 119
Living Hope: Standing Firm In The Faith
The New Birth Of Easter
Lord Teach Us To Pray : Deliver Us
It's Time:  For Restoration Hope
A New Beginning - A New Life
Biblical Vision - Jesus' Vision for the Church in the World
A Reformed Heart - True
Our Purpose: Fruit Bearing
Tell The Story : Be Prepared
Lets Pray - Pray As You Go
Jesus Wept
The Heart of Worship : Working
There Is No Other
He Washes Away My Filthy Stains
Getting From Here To There: There Is The New Here
On Trial:Point To Christ
Living Worship: Pointing Us North
Making Contact With Hope
Life On Mission: It's All Worth It
Available: Johosheba & Jehoiada
Confidence in His Grace
The Meaning of Pentecost
The Great Vision:  The Great Resurrection
Spreading The Word: Its Not Always Well-Received
Prepare The Way:  He Is Worthy
Stephen: Witness
Courageous Faith: for Persecution
God's Twitter:  #Work
A Tale of Two Cities: Mission
Living In The Promise:Make The Choice
Life Under Pressure:  Talk it Out
Life Under Pressure: Don't Settle For Less
Gospel Resolutions: Serve Others
Joy to the World:  Because of God's Pursuit
Moving into New Territory: Keep Your Promises
Being Church on Purpose:  For The Redeeming Transformation of our City and World
Building Christian Community: Humility
First Church: Bearing the Whole Gospel
The Son's Glory: Changed Lives
The Savior's Heart: For Mission
Forever Changed: From Failure
Making Room: For Hope
Take Heart