Dear First Pres,

   FPC’s Vision is to see God’s Kingdom come, more and more, in Fresno as it is in heaven. It might seem far fetched, and in one sense it is. Our city, with all of our issues, is a far cry from everything being just the way King Jesus wants them to be. However, His Kingdom is here, and God is always at work for His eternal purposes. Still, the question is asked, “What could we do that would really make a difference?”

   This past Sunday we focused on the parable of the mustard seed and the yeast. Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God is like a tiny mustard seed that, when planted, grows to become a large bush, even as big as a tree (the variety of mustard plant in Jesus’ land at that time was as big as a tree) to provide shelter and shade for others. The tiny bit of yeast that, when hidden in the flour, works its way through all the dough is another parable for the same principle. The principle applied to us is this: simple, little, seemingly insignificant, faith-filled actions done in the name of Jesus are used by God to build His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

   I hope you heard that on Sunday and I hope that you were encouraged by it. It reminds us that living our Mission to see our Vision become more and more a reality doesn’t have to be grandiose. It certainly doesn’t have to be reserved for the super Christians. Every single one of us can do simple, little, seemingly insignificant, faith-filled actions in the name of Jesus, which means that every single one of us can be used by God in His work of building His Kingdom.

   For example, we’re beginning to hear back from folks at the schools we encouraged with notes and gift cards. On Sunday, I hope you’ll stop in the Sanctuary Entry to see the framed thank you note sent to us from our neighbor, School of Unlimited Learning (SOUL). This simple, little, faith-filled action done in the name of Jesus was a tremendous blessing to the employees of these schools. Only God knows how He will use that little seed planted for His Kingdom to come, but I know that He will use it.

   Our mission is Loving God, Loving Neighbors, Making Disciples, and Pursuing Shalom. What is one simple, little, seemingly insignificant, faith-filled action that you can do today - privately or publicly - for the coming of His Kingdom in you, in us, and in our city?

   This coming Sunday we’re launching a special three week focus that absolutely connects with our vision and mission. Ultimately, it’s an invitation to step into the ongoing work of planting Kingdom seeds and mixing the Kingdom yeast into the dough. Make sure you stay connected with our Sunday services so that you don’t miss out.