by Dr. Julie Carter
Director of Worship and Music
   Many singers and instrumentalists from our church's music department presented a special concert to benefit the Evangelical Parish of J├╝hnsdorf in Germany (formerly East Germany) this past April. Last summer, the Reformation Choir sang at this same church and developed close bonds with the pastor and members. Their organ was destroyed during the communist regime following WWII and their congregation hopes to raise funds to rebuild and restore it in time for its 150th anniversary in December 2019.  Indeed, it was our hope to raise funds and send to them in support of our brothers and sisters in Christ there.
   The concert was a great success! It seemed appropriate to sprinkle the music of J.S. Bach, a German church musician, throughout the program. We enjoyed our organist, Dr. Margaret Licon, showing off our beautiful organ on several pieces. Other features of the concert included: Dr. Walter Saul shared two of his own compositions on piano as well as a piece by Bach; Jan Goyette, Dean Lloyd, and Walter Saul collaborated on a trumpet duet with organ; Chris Hatfield and Margaret shone on a Bach aria; Matt Maler sang a piece from "Messiah" with Dr. Julie Carter accompanying on piano; David White, our director of Full Court Pres shined on two spirituals accompanied by Walter Saul; Dr. Julie Carter, Max Hembd and Drew Quiring rocked on a Bach aria with trumpet and piano; the Chancel Choir reprised several favorites from this year including  "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" with brass and timpani and the spiritual "Ain't Got Time to Die".
   With the able assistance of Allan Knepper we were able to record the concert and share the link with Pastor Steffen and his church in Germany. All in all, it was a very special musical offering to show the love of Christ to Christian friends far away! I couldn't help but reflect that we're very blessed to have many strong musicians in our church and it felt good deep down to use our gifts to bless this wonderful German church. Soli Deo Gloria!  (To God be the glory!)
   If you were unable to attend the concert and would like to see the video, Click Here.