Welcome to the place for FPC forms. Notice they are sorted by ministry areas. If what you need is not here or you experience difficulty, contact Audrey in the church office or call 485-6460.

Church Administration
  1. Facility Use Request This form automatically submits to our office to request use of rooms on our campus for church related activies and programs.  
  2. Publicity Planning Form This form automatically submits to our office and serves as your one-stop place to get the word out about ministry events/activities via the various FPC communication channels.
  3. Volunteer Driver Policy This form automatically submits to our office. Volunteer drivers for all FPC events must sign that they have read and understand this policy and have completed a Background & DMV Check.
Christian Education
  1. Registration & Medical Release Form This form is required for students to participate in all CE (Children & Youth) events during the year (June 2018 to May 2019).  We need 1 per student. It automatically submits to our office. 
  2. Christian Education Scholarship Application Please use this form to request financial assistance for your student(s) to participate in activies that incur costs such as camps or retreats. It automatically submits to our office.
Caring Ministry
  1. Love in Action Please use this form to communicate to our church office your desire to serve others in various capacities. Thank you for caring.
  1. Linda Osborne Support Response This form automatically submits your support pledge to our office.