In February of 2016, we invited Dr. Ken Priddy to lead our congregation in a Church Vitality Weekend. Approximately 150 of our congregation invested time across an entire weekend to explore and reflect together on the content of the G.O.1 Seminar. Ken had some really important things for us to consider as we work to be a church on mission with Jesus (to seek and to save the lost), a Great Commission Church.

   One of the primary recommendations from Ken was to launch a Vision Team who would help lead the congregation forward in Great Commission Vision and Strategy. To be exact, their primary responsibilities (as listed in the G.O.1 Seminar workbook) are to:

  • Discern God's Great Commission Vision
  • Develop Great Commission Vision and Strategy
  • Direct the Church through the Great Commission Matrix process
  • Determine evaluation and accountability for Great Commission results.

   If you want to help us advance in this way as a church, our pastor encourages you to intentionally incorporate the "Four Disciplines of a Great Commission Church" into your everyday life:

  1. Preemptive Prayer - praying specifically for those in your circles of connection who do not yet know Christ.
  2. Bible Integration - spending time each day reflecting on Scripture and integrating it's Truth into your life
  3. Surrendered Living - giving up each day as an offering of service to the Lord to do what He wills in and through you.
  4. Missional Multiplication - being disciples of Jesus who are making disciples of Jesus.

   Access the videotaped sessions of the Church Vitality Weekend via Right Now Media or YouTube. Just search for FPC Church Vitality.