Frequently Asked Questions:
What should I know if this is my first visit to FPC?

We're delighted that you've come, first of all.  We look forward to greeting you personally. In fact, someone from our LINK Crew will most likely greet you as you make your way from the parking lot. They'll be wearing bright blue vests and are glad to help you find your way around our campus and introduce you to some folks. Our parking lot is across M street from the Church Campus. 

We do have some parking spaces designated for First Time Visitors and Guests. Please use them! We also have prepared gift bags for visitors, so don't be surprised if you're offered one when you are greeted. 

Communion is served during worship the first Sunday of each month. We ask folks to put on name tags as they enter so you might find a bit of slow down at the doorways 1st Sundays, but it clears up fairly quickly.

What are the distinctions of the 8:30 and 11:00 Worship Services throughout the year? 

Our 8:30 am Worship Service is more traditional in format. Our pastors tend to wear their robes at this service.  Musically, it features our Chancel Choir and Pipe Organ. 

Our 11:00 am Worship Service is more contemporary in format. Musically, it features our Worship Bands and a variety of instruments. 

What happens during the Education Hour? 

We offer age appropriate programs at 9:40 between our two service times designed to deepen biblical understanding, faith, discipleship and relationships within our congregation. 

  • We have great care for the littlest ones in our nursery.
  • There are dedicated teachers for preschool & elementary aged children in our Christian Education Building. 
  • Engaging studies for Junior and Senior High Students happen in room 102 and The Commons.  
  • Class offerings for adults vary seasonally.
  • This is also when the Chancel Choir rehearses downstairs in the Music Room.
Where do Kids go during Worship?


Our Central Check In Station is our main hub and starting point for parents and children and is located next to our nursery. All children Nursery to Sixth Grade check in here and receive name badges before being taken to class by parents. Our friendly volunteers will be able to assist you through this quick and easy process. Our Station is open 20 minutes before service and closes 20 minutes after service has started.

Here's where all the classes are located: 

Infants and Toddlers (birth-2 years) are cared for in the Nursery located on the ground level, east side of the Administration Building, across from the Fellowship Hall during both services and the Education Hour.

Preschool (2 - 5 years) gather in Downstairs Rooms: 

  • At 8:30 am all meet in Room B9
  • At 11:00 am hour there are two groups. Ages 2-3 meet in Room B8 & ages 4-5 meet in Room B9.

Elementary (K - 6th Grade) worship with their parents during the 8:30 am Service.  Children's Choirs rehearse during the 11:00 am Service.  Kids not in choirs begin worship with their parents for the 11:00 am Service.  K-2nd grade children are excused mid-way through the service to Kid's Alive (Sunday School) class in Room B2 (downstairs) & picked up there when the worship service is over. 3rd grade and older remain in worship with their parents. 

Youth attend worship with their parents.  However, our youth groups tend to sit together right up front in the Sanctuary.  Junior High on one side, High School on the other. 


Why does our Youth Building at Stanislaus & M bear the name Hope Now for Youth?

Hope Now for Youth is a local ministry that provides opportunities and support for young men who want to break their ties with gangs. We are delighted to share the space with them for their offices and gatherings. It's busy all week. There are actually three churches that gather for worship on Sundays on our Campus:  FPC, Hope Now Bible Church and Bethany Inner City Church