February 19, 2015

Dear First Pres,

The Lenten season has begun; last night’s Ash Wednesday service was a wonderful start to this special season in the life of the church set aside for spiritual reflection, renewal, and restoration.  Last night’s Old Testament reading was Joel 2:1-17 in which the prophet urges the people of God to return to their Lord with all their hearts. They had fallen away from God, and His judgment was looming. Still, God’s call was for them to return to Him.

February 5, 2015

Dear First Pres,

     How has your work been this week? I hope you have been thinking about your work as part of God's epic story of redemption and restoration. Remember, your work (paid or unpaid) is part of God's call on your life to live everyday life with Gospel intentionality. I'm praying you are working this week with all your heart with a great certainty of your identity in Christ. I'm praying that you are showing others the character of Christ in the way that you work, and that you're helping to create environments that demonstrate the Kingdom of God.

January 29, 2015

Dear First Pres,

I’ve been really grateful this week for all of you who attended our worship/congregational meeting service on Sunday morning.  I know that it was a lot to take in, but you did it. Thank you!  I thought it was a great morning, and I’m already thinking about ways we could tweak it next year to make it better.  I especially appreciated the chance to laugh, pray, and dream together.  Thanks, also, for your feedback; the information you provided the Session about your small group discussion is hugely valuable as we discern the Lord’s will for our church.

January 22, 2015

Dear First Pres,

     You might find it odd, but I love our annual congregational meeting.  I love getting the chance to celebrate God’s faithfulness.  I love getting the chance to talk together about what’s happening in the coming year.  I love creating space for a dialogue with the congregation about the future of our church.  

January 15, 2015

Dear First Pres,

     It was very moving for me on Sunday morning to see so many of you come forward to remember your baptisms with thanksgiving and resolve. I know that this time of remembrance is a bit of new thing around FPC, so I’m grateful for your willing participation.  My own baptism seems so long ago; it is an incredible blessing to me to experience the physical reminder that I belong to Christ as the New Year begins.  I pray it was and is for you. 


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